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Basmati Rice Pilaf, Braised Kale, Red Lentil Curry

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Braised in aromatic vegetable stock, onion, & garlic.
Fragrant, organic basmati rice.
Red lentils stewed with coconut and spices.

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This fragrant and aromatic organic basmati rice is cooked in a rich vegetable broth. Fresh chopped kale braised in a rich vegetable stock with onion, garlic, and a touch of rice vinegar. Lentils stewed with organic plum tomatoes, coconut milk, fragrant curry spices, garlic, ginger, and keffirlime and topped with toasted cashews.


Basmati Rice Pilaf

Vegetable Stock, Organic Basmati Rice, Spice, Oil Blend (Non-Gmo Sunflower and Olive), Parsley

Braised Kale

Organic Kale, Onion, Garlic, Olive Oil, Rice Vinegar (Water, Rice), Kosher Salt, Spice

Red Lentil Curry

Lentils, Organic Plum Tomatoes, Coconut Milk, Carrots, Onion, Vegetable Stock, Roasted Cashews, Coconut Oil, Curry Paste (Spices (including Red Chili Pepper), Garlic, Lemongrass, Salt, Shallot, Coriander Root & Kaffir Lime Peel), Garlic, Ginger, Kosher Salt, Spice


Facility allergens: Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing milk, egg, fish, shellfish, wheat, sesame, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts..

  • Tree nuts

Preparation instructions

  • Microwave

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