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Moroccan Chicken, Roasted Mushrooms, Steamed Broccoli

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Chicken thighs braised in carrot juice with dates & spices.
Florets tossed with roasted garlic olive oil.
Crimini roasted mushrooms.

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All-natural chicken thighs braised in organic carrot juice, dates, cinnamon, cumin and ginger. Simple and delicious oven-roasted crimini mushrooms. Simple and clean roasted broccoli rich in Vitamin C.


Moroccan Chicken

All-natural chicken thighs, Carrot Juice, Onion, Organic Dates, Oil Blend (Non-Gmo Sunflower and Olive), Lemon Juice, Chicken stock, Spice, Kosher Salt

Roasted Mushrooms

Mushrooms, Oil Blend (Non-Gmo Sunflower and Olive), Parsley, Garlic, Kosher Salt, Spice

Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli, Garlic, Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Spice


Facility allergens: Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing milk, egg, fish, shellfish, wheat, sesame, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Preparation instructions

  • Microwave

  • Oven

    1. 1

      Consume with pleasure: Remove film and set aside any sauce cups. Preheat oven to 350F

    2. 2

      Transfer food from containers to an oven safe baking dish.

    3. 3

      Cover baking dish with lid or aluminum foil

    4. 4

      Heat for 10-12 minutes or until hot

    5. 5

      Carefully remove meal from oven.

    6. 6

      Let stand for 1 minute, plate & enjoy.

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