Dietary and Nutrition

  • How long will my meals stay fresh?

    Once delivered, we anticipate a 7-day shelf life (refrigerated) due to our Modified Atmoshpere Packaging. We remove all of the oxygen and fill it with a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. These gases inhibit the growth of bacteria in the package.

  • What are the portion sizes, calories, and nutritional content of each meal?

    You can find this information on our website, as well as on the packaging. It is available on the nutritional labels for each item. The ingredients and allergens are also listed.

  • Can I find the recipes online?

    No, but each meal and each component has a nutritional label and ingredients on our website.

  • Do you use Organic/Non-GMO ingredients?

    Yes, we are constantly modifying our ingredients to include all-natural, no antibiotics, organic when necessary, non-GMO ingredients. With your input, we always search for more of the ingredients that you are looking for in your prepared foods.


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