Nutrition-focused, tailored menu options to fit your lifestyle

About Us

We have a regionally renowned chef, nutrition professionals, digital marketing gurus and operations experts together who believe, that food of the highest quality, tailored to an individual’s needs and preferences, delivered in a convenient fashion is what the consumer is looking for in today’s market.

We are food industry and tech industry vets . We took our talents and applied them to a new approach for fresh, healthy food delivery.

Why We Do It?

As consumer industry veterans, we have seen hundreds of disruptive ideas that have forever changed the way we work and live. We’ve also seen too many great ideas get destroyed because of the changing world landscape. We are adapting to the needs that we see in the marketplace – the need for nutritionally guided healthy foods conveniently delivered. That’s why we started LifeChef™ to fulfill that need. We can lend our knowledge and expertise to the food preparation and delivery business, giving consumers a healthier, nutrition focused, food option.

Our Philosophy

The finest foods, prepared professionally, delivered to your door, just heat it up and eat it up. All the recommended food is based on the answers to your nutritional survey – a menu highly personalized and with lots of choices.

We believe that people want choices in their food, yet still want to know that they are eating in a healthy way. We also believe that having restaurant quality meals delivered to your door is a safe alternative to restaurants in today’s pandemic environment.

Our Approach

LifeChef™ has reinvented the food delivery model by adding the missing ingredient for success — Nutritionally focused and tailored menu options that fit your goals and lifestyle.

    • Professionals

      We have nutritional professionals guiding our menu offerings coupled with a renowned chef who started his own, now legendary, restaurant at the age of 18.

    • Quality

      Unlike the other food delivery companies, we offer the finest ingredients with the most nutritional value to suit your particular dietary needs.

    • Personalization

      If you have particular medical condition, certain foods are better for you than others and we tailor our offerings to give you solid healthy choices.

    • Flexibility

      We give you the choices for every meal to change the meal to suit your preferences


Why have a delivery service for your meals and a separate one for your groceries and supplements? At LifeChef™, we combine the convenience of getting your meals, groceries and supplements in the same weekly delivery using the same ordering platform. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep businesses and restaurants closed, staying home is a safe alternative to venturing out.

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